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Let's Talk Brioche

Our brioche donuts are fried donuts made with classic French brioche dough, a yeasty dough that produces a light, buttery bread after it has been proofed for at 24 hours. Used for a donut, we feel that rich and fluffy brioche makes the perfect base for our delicious gourmet toppings. While our brioche donuts might look like classic yeast donuts from a chain donut shop, there are bold distinctions in texture and flavor between the two. Brioche donuts use what we call an “enriched” dough. It includes many similar ingredients, but has less liquid and sugar, and more eggs and butter. This combo creates a semi-sweet, buttery dough with a slightly denser texture than a typical yeasted donut. It takes over 48 hours to craft the perfect Lola’s donut from start to finish, and we know you'll taste the difference!

Let's Talk Crullers

Our French Crullers are a special doughnut made with a special dough called pâte à choux (pronounced "pat a shoe") – the same type of dough often used to make éclairs and cream puffs. Pâte à choux is made in a unique way. Water and butter are brought to a boil and flour is added. It begins to gelatinize and in less than a minute, a smooth dough is created. Eggs are beaten in gradually once the dough has begun cooling. This yeast free dough is piped into rings (instead of cut), and then fried. Because it is a high moisture dough, fried quickly in high temp oil, the surface sets much quicker than the interior (which is still very wet). As the liquid inside starts to heat up, steam forms, but at this point is trapped by the now crisp outer surface. The steam generates air bubbles to create the expansion. The result is a browned and crisp exterior wrapping around a moist and delicate interior.

Ok, all that talk about Brioche and Crullers made me hungry.


How do I get my mitts on these donuts?

While the shop is only open Friday thru Sunday from 8am-1pm, you can place preorders anytime on our website for pickup or local delivery.

We often sell out of flavors and they become unavailable for pre-orders on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you catch an item sold out, just check back after 1pm and you should be able to continue your preorder for pickup/delivery on a later date.

Do you only offer pre-order?

Heck no, walk-ups are always welcome! Pre-order is a convenience for our peeps who want to make sure they get exactly what they want that day because we do sell out of flavors throughout the morning.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you pre-ordered online, we ask that you email us at at least 48 hours before your scheduled pickup in order to cancel. We begin crafting our donuts 48 hours in advance using our signature brioche recipe! Our gourmet donuts are best consumed the morning of purchase, fresh outta the fryer, so we will not hold donuts until the next day (just like any other food biz, who wants day old burgers amirite?). To be able to sustain operations we cannot offer refunds for any order you're unable to pick up, or failed to pick up, no matter the circumstance. We appreciate your support and understanding!

What form of payments do you accept?

We are a contact-less business, so we do not take cash. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Apple/Google Pay are all welcome.

What makes Lola's Donuts special?

We wanted to offer Austin a different donut. For our brioche donuts, we use a 24-hour rising dough which is then hand cut, fried, dipped and glazed by our talented team. Our cruller is made with a true French pâte à choux and each donut is carefully piped and fried. Our cake donuts are all vegan and gluten free. All of our fillings, sauces, caramels and toppings start life in our kitchen with scratch ingredients and are made fresh.

Where do I park?

We have parking available right out front (any of the non-designated spots or spots reserved for Lola’s are available for use!) and more parking in the back. ADA accessible parking is available with ramps both in the front and back to access our store.

Will you make a special donut for my event or party?

Yes! We love making your dream event come to life with Austin’s OG Brioche donuts! The best way to initiate a catering or special event order is to submit a request using the link on our home page.